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Sound Aesthetics in Fado Music

Luis Caldeira

Audio Design / Sound Design

Fado music is an urban traditional music genre, part of the Unesco Intangible Cultural Heritage. Can Technology and modern amplification systems corrupt the authenticity of the fado listening experience, or is it taking it to new levels as it raches full internationalisation?

Prof. Luis Caldeira is responsible for Sound and Image at our partner university in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
As a professional sound engineer he has been been working with fado music for the last 15 years, during which he gained a lot of experience and a thorough understanding of the genre, that has lead him to investigate in other academic fields where musicology meets production techniques. Studies conducted by the ASARP (Association for the Study of the Art of Record Production) are one of his biggest interests today.

Room K 1.01

Thursday, 16:00 – 16:45


Robert Rose