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Dance △ Design

Daniela Lehmann

Art / Performance / Dance

Exploring how dance and movement affect design with Daniela Lehmann.

— Engaging through patterns, geometrical forms, textures and colors to understand the intersection of movement and design.
— Examining practices, modes of movement-based inspiration in the ideation and creative process. Looking at your individual motivations and approaches to the design work.
— Practice of movement with our bodies in the space, improvisation, interdisciplinary play. Creation of individual movement-oriented inspiration methods for future work.

Daniela Lehmann was born in 1979 and is a dancer and choreographer. She studied dance and philosophy in Dresden, Freiburg in Breisgau and Berlin and specialised in instant composing. In 2005 she was awarded The best German dance solo for her performance „Mina" at the Euroscene in Leipzig. Between 2006 and 2015 she lived in Berlin.
Her extensive repertoire consists of self-created stage pieces and site-specific work in collaboration with artists from different branches, e.g. Diego Agullo (writer/ filmmaker), Philipp Caspari (countertenor). She also organised the international improvisation platform CUE. Her work in Egypt enabled her to get in touch with cultural aspects of dance and expression, which eventually led her to come up with her very own teaching method called "FREE DIVE". Daniela is a member of Zentralwerk e.V. and part of the TanzNetz- Dresden.

Dance △ Design
Dance △ Design
Dance △ Design

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