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Dishwashers and Machine Guns

Lahav Halevy

Poster Design

There are two perspectives to look at life:

  1. Life can be very simple - you are either alive or dead.

  2. But life can be very complicated because you have to decide whether to go for vacation to Barcelona or London…

The workshop is looking at life through these perspectives.
In general we designers have a nice life, and yet sometimes we have to deal with more crucial issues. In other words - we can contemplate on a colour of a new dishwasher (new jeans, new pair of sneakers, the new Sushi place we heard about) until a machine gun starts firing at us. Through a week-long workshop, the students mission is to develop a concept for a poster on the given issue, design it, and finalise it, so by the end of the week we have an exhibition of 20 printed A1 posters on the same subject.

It is intensive and fun, throughout the days we work and pause in intervals, going through the results, giving our opinions and criticism, so the student can maximise her/his own individual direction to the best result.
Throughout the week I’m giving a series of lectures about various subjects:

  1. “Too Much Happiness” - On Humanism, the Future, Humbleness, and Design (opening lecture)

2. “Wall, Paper” - A two parts, 3-hours history of poster design from Toulouse-Lautrec (1890’s) to Shepard Fairey (2010’s)
  2. “One Espresso, One Occupation” The life of a designer and a citizen in times and place of conflict. A presentation of my own work.

Lahav Halevy, Poster Designer and Political Activist, lives in Tel Aviv.
Owner of a design firm, giving services to many NGOs and cultural institutes in Israel, as well as Commercial small-scale businesses. Don’t give services to or cooperate with large corporations.

Professor at Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem.

I live in the heart of Tel Aviv, I have two kids, twins, 20 years old, a girl and a boy. They never do the dishes.

 Posters shown in many exhibitions and Biennales around the world last 15 years, among them The Warsaw Plakat Biennales 2006-2014 (20/22/23/24 Biennales), Lahti, Finland (16/18/19/20th Biennales), Moscow Golden Bee 2016 (Won an award) and in Zürich, Switzerland, Design Museum - Protest! political posters Exhibition (4 posters)

Dishwashers and Machine Guns
Dishwashers and Machine Guns
Dishwashers and Machine Guns
Dishwashers and Machine Guns
Dishwashers and Machine Guns
Dishwashers and Machine Guns


(max. 16 Participants)

Registration closed

Room L 3.03

Monday, 14:00 – 16:00
Tuesday, 09:30 – 16:00
Wednesday, 09:30 – 16:00
Thursday, 09:30 – 16:00


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