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Sonja Haller & Pascal Brun, Haller Brun, Amsterdam, NL/CH

Editorial Design

This three day workshop is about editorial design. Book design is much more than only making nice page layouts. It is about structure, dramaturgy, storytelling, navigation, tactility and materiality. Developing a concept and rules, dealing with restrictions. Making decisions so that content, design and tactile experience merge and reinforce each other.

Participants will learn how to include all these different aspects in the design process. They all will be given the same content but different restrictions for designing their book.

What are the consequences of the restrictions?
How can I develop a concept including them and turn them into an advantage?
What is the content and how do I want to represent it?
How do I want to structure it, how to tell the story?
What kind of book do I want to achieve?
What is the relation between form and content?
How can I use the materiality and the physical object to support the content?

After an introduction the students will work on a storyboard, design sample pages and a dummy of the book. On Thursday afternoon the results will be presented to the group.


Haller Brun is an Amsterdam-based design studio run by Sonja Haller and Pascal Brun. After graduating in Switzerland they moved to the Netherlands where they established their own studio in 2011. They mainly work in the fields of art, culture and design with a focus on editorial design.

The work of Haller Brun is characterized by a combination of the Swiss tradition for precision and typography with Dutch directness and playfulness. It is rooted in a deep understanding of its content and based on an appropriate and strong concept. Their visual solutions are clear and effective and always refined and carefully crafted. Several of their projects have been honoured with prestigious awards, including The Best Dutch Book Designs, D&AD Award, ADG Laus Award and European Design Award.

Recently Haller Brun was responsible for the design of the visual identity and publication for The Measurement of Presence, the Dutch entry to the 58th Venice Biennale 2019.



(max. 18 Participants)

Registration closed

Room M3.09a

Tuesday, 09:00 – 16:00
Wednesday, 09:00 – 16:00
Thursday, 09:00 – 16:00


→ Prof. Stefan Bufler


→ https://hallerbrun.eu