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The Mindful Designer

Melike Taşcıoğlu Vaughan

Focus: Conceptual/Experimental/Editorial-Design

Jon Kabat Zinn defines mindfulness as the awareness that arises out of intentionally paying attention in an open, kind and non-judgmental way. As designers we tend to find and focus on errors and fix them to make life better, we learn to criticize, to judge, and we tend to have high expectations.
In these fast-paced times, to be able to slow down and re-humanize design, we need to cultivate new habits and patterns of thought. As designers, we need to be present and to be able to give attention to our sensations. We need a new set of guidelines.

In this workshop, I intend to unite designers who are curious about or drawn to mindfulness and meditation. Designers whose third eyes are already open are also welcome. As we gather and connect as a group, we will start experimenting with some basic meditation and breath-work exercises. We will then try to define mindfulness and why we need it as designers. Afterwards we will focus on creating a set of guidelines to be used by every designer, in other words, statements by which we determine a new course of action. This set of guidelines may even turn into A Guidebook for the Mindful Designer, who knows?

Melike Taşcıoğlu Vaughan is a book designer, academician and artist. She studied graphic design at Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts and San Diego State University School of Art, Design and Art History. She completed her master’s at Anadolu University, and a Proficiency in Arts degree at Köln University and Anadolu University, The Institute of Social Sciences. Melike is also board member at the Turkish Graphic Designers Association GMK.

Taşçıoğlu’s printworks have often been exhibited solo and in national and international juried exhibitions. She has written two books, one on book design and one on environmental graphic design, and published many articles on the topic of graphic design. She has also self-published a few of her own artist’s books. In addition to her book designing, she works as a Professor at Anadolu University, and currently is the Head of Graphic Arts Department.

The Mindful Designer
The Mindful Designer
The Mindful Designer


(max. 15 Participants)


Room M 3.11a

Tuesday, 09:00 – 15:45
Wednesday, 09:00 – 15:45
Thursday, 09:00 – 15:45


→ Jürgen Hefele


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→ Interview – Turkish Graphic Designers Association